The Hospital Hospitality House of Southwest Michigan offers no-cost accommodations to family of patients receiving care in any of Kalamazoo’s excellent medical facilities. We understand that going through a medical emergency is very stressful. The House provides families a comforting place to relax in a homelike setting, without the worry of increased financial burden.

Two Convenient Locations

The Hospital Hospitality House has two locations (Burdick Street and Henson Avenue), both are open 365 days a year, serving guests from all Michigan counties, all 50 states and many foreign countries. Over 1,300 guests annually receive no-cost overnight accommodations and/or day use of our House for those needing to rest. Each location offers a stocked kitchen, laundry facilities, family visiting area, children’s play areas and a relaxing patio and garden area.

Burdick Street House

Business Office and closest to Bronson Methodist Hospital and the West Michigan Cancer Center

828 South Burdick Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49001

Henson Avenue House

Closest to Ascension Borgess Hospital

1800 Henson Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Private Bedrooms

At both the Henson Avenue and Burdick Street houses, there are six 2-person bedrooms and one “family” bedroom, all with private baths. At times, our guests ask to share a room. Guests may recognize each other from the hospital and want to room together. We have found that our guests appreciate the company and support of others facing similar situations.

Request a Referral

If you need a place to stay, ask the patient’s care team to provide a referral. Generally, you will be directed to a social worker, chaplain or case manager at the hospital or treatment center. They are able to make the necessary referral for you.