How can I stay at Hospital Hospitality House?

All guests need to have a referral from a social worker, hospital chaplain, medical professional or administrator. They will make the necessary arrangements for you to stay. For additional questions on the referral process, you can contact the HHH staff at 269-341-7811.

How long may I stay?

The bed is yours until the patient is discharged. However, if you go home for a few days, you will need to have another referral in order to come back. We cannot hold a bed longer than one night.

May I make a reservation to stay in the future?

We have found that medical procedures often get rescheduled so we do not guarantee a reservation more than 24 hours before the procedure. We will take the necessary information, but the guest, social worker or chaplain must  check with us the day before or the day of the stay to make sure that we have available space.

Will I have to share a room?

We have 19 beds in seven bedrooms. We may place unrelated but same-gender adults in the same bedroom. We have found that our guests appreciate the company and support of others facing similar situations.

Is there a place to park my vehicle?

We are housed in a wonderful historic home that has very limited parking. Because both Borgess and Bronson arrange transportation, we ask that our guests park at the hospital and use the shuttle or taxi passes instead of driving their own vehicles.

What kind of transportation is provided?

Borgess gives our guests taxi cab passes to get back and forth. Bronson provides a shuttle service.

Will I have a private bathroom?

We have four bathrooms that are shared by all guests.

Is the Hospitality House handicapped accessible?

This historic home was built more than 100 years ago and unfortunately is not handicapped accessible. There are two first-floor bedrooms but in order to get into the building our guests need to go up several steps.

Will I be able to smoke?

The House itself is a non-smoking environment. Smoking is only allowed in a designated area outside.

Where is the house located?

HHH of Southwest Michigan is located at 527 W. South Street in downtown Kalamazoo, centrally located near the hospitals and the West Michigan Cancer Center.

Who do I contact with more questions?

You can contact the HHH at 269-341-7811 or via this site’s Contact Us page.