About Us


The Hospital Hospitality House of Southwest Michigan opened its South Street doors in 1985 as a vision of the Junior League of Kalamazoo in partnership with Borgess Medical Center and Bronson Methodist Hospital. In 2017, with the support of the Home Builders Association of Western Michigan, we open our second location on Henson Avenue near Borgess Medical Center.  Today, we are progressing forward with constructing a new location on Burdick St. near Bronson Methodist Hospital, that will replace the South Street house.   We are a proud member of the Healthcare Hospitality Network.  



What We Do

We make it easier for families to support their loved one receiving medical care by providing a homelike, comforting place to stay.  The House is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  We serve over 700 guests annually from all Michigan counties, all 50 states and many foreign countries. The House also offers kitchen and laundry facilities, family visiting areas and a relaxing patio and garden area.


Why We Exist

Every day, out-of-town patients come to Kalamazoo for emergency medical care. As a result, families find themselves without an affordable place to stay for the long period of time their loved one is in the hospital. The House meets this need by providing no-cost accommodations to caregivers and to patients receiving intensive outpatient care. By removing the financial barrier, families can be involved in the patient’s day-to-day care.  This promotes healing, better aftercare and provides greater peace of mind for the patient.  


How We Do It 

As a non-profit, the House is funded solely through the generosity of the community.  Donations are received from individuals, community organizations and our hospital partners.  In addition to foundations and grants.


More Information

Please visit our FAQs or Contact Us with any questions you might have.  If you would like to support the House, please visit our Donate and Wish List page.