What would you do if you or a loved one was faced with a medical emergency or an extended medical procedure away from home? That is why the Hospital Hospitality House exists. We make it easier for families to support their loved one receiving medical care by providing a homelike comforting place to stay.

HHH is committed to supporting family presence. When we welcome guests at the door, we know they have been referred because the family resources, or cannot cope with the logistics of lodging, transportation, and meals—compounded by the stress and financial impact of a prolonged medical stay away from home. By offering a safe, comfortable, caring place to stay, food and other necessities, HHH helps remove these significant barriers. All of this is provided at no charge to guests. That is why we depend on the generosity of our donors, and why we hope we can count on your support in this holiday season.

In early 2019, we opened the second new house on South Burdick Street near Bronson Methodist Hospital. Along with the Henson Avenue house adjacent to the Ascension Borgess Hospital campus that opened in August of 2017, making us able to house 34 guests a night. Both Houses have met the need for improved, expanded and convenient facilities, a need that is greater than ever. We are still operational and we can still help those families in need even with the current crisis our country is still facing , but only with your help.

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Since 2020, despite the crisis

We have a tremendous track record and we need to ensure that we continue to serve families facing medical uncertainty. This season, please join me, the HHH Board of Directors and fellow community donors in raising $80,000 to fund operations at both houses for 80 days.

Thank you for your generosity and continued belief in our work, and best wishes to you all.